Slatted-Roof LD 6

The slatted roof LD 6 from Schenker Storen offers you infinite possibilities for creating additional outdoor living spaces. You can position the elegant design with its sturdy, horizontal aluminium slats in different sizes, attached to the house or free-standing in the garden. As it is designed for single-family homes and apartment buildings, the slatted roof LD 6 is also ideal for dining outdoors.

What makes the slatted roof LD 6 unique

  • An airy sun roof made from clever aluminium slats so it even protects against the rain
  • Control of light by aligning the slats up to 135°
  • High-quality design and careful processing up to a maximum of 27 m2
  • Available in flexible square and rectangular dimensions
  • Can be extended with side glazing and/or sun shading or sight protection products
  • Good value for money

Constructive highlights

  • Complete system including roof, powder-coated in 4 standard colours (9010 pure white matt/gloss / 7016 grey anthracite / 9007 grey aluminium / black inver)
  • Wind-stable class 6 also with the 4.5 m x 6.05 m model and linked systems


  • Dimmable LED lighting on slats as well as inner and/or outer frames
  • Additional colour options (on request and at extra cost)
Professional information

Selection tool for terrace roofs / glazing

1:1 Drawings slatted-Roof LD 6

Tender text for the slatted-Roof LD 6

Professional information

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